30 years specialist 

MVH has been a specialist in container parts for over 30 years and supplies these parts to container builders and repairers. MVH customers are located in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Austria, Hungary and Croatia.


The MVH-team is decisive and professional, that has all the desired disciplines in-house, allowing you to respond quickly to your specific wishes..


MVH has its own warehouse. All incoming goods are processed here. If required, the parts can be kept in stock and delivered at the desired time. The parts offered in the webshop are in stock as standard. Custom-made parts can be kept in stock in consultation with the customer.


MVH can have parts custom made for larger quantities. The MVH engineers have specialized knowledge to convert your idea into a 3D product design.
MVH supplies hinges and other forged parts with logo to container builders. The product design can be converted into a 3D prototype by MVH.


MVH works with a number of trusted suppliers for the production of our parts. These suppliers are located in Turkey, India and China. We know the strengths of these suppliers and can realize the best conditions and delivery times based on our volumes. 

By conducting audits, MVH ensures continuous quality and attention from suppliers.